• Smart Bedside Station

    Patient Concierge Service

  • Android Media Board

    24 x 365 Android TV Board


Develop Smart Hospital

Helps patient's treatment and Provide convenience and pleasure.

Mordern Design

The Smart Bedside Station won the three top design competitions, red dot design and iF design.

Medical Terminal

Optimized design and best-in-class hardware specifications for hospital environments, anti-bacterial coatings, and various sensors. It can operate 24x365 for the hospital environment, scheduled shutdown and start are possible.

Various Mounting Methods

It offers a variety of mounting methods with sufficient stability, interior, and user convenience. It can be wall-type, ceiling-type, and bed-type.

Easy Customization

It is easily adaptable to various hospital environments, and application software can be modified to suit different interfaces and network conditions.

Global TV Support

It can receive various broadcasts such as ATSC, NTSC, DVB-C, PAL, DVB-T, DVB-T2 and D-TMB and supports HDMI IN / OUT and Miracast.

Hospital Application

We support the patient-customized services, medical support services, and hospital management service tools.

Why Choose Us?

  • TV and Internet Access for the Patients
  • Schedule Notice (surgery, medical treadtment and etc)
  • Medication Information
  • Calling Service
  • PACS Client
  • Robust&Performance Service
  • App Publishing System
  • Scheduled Shutdown and Startup
  • Directional Remote Control Speaker

What Client's Say


We strive to expand patient-centered care.

We research and develop convenient and safe medical ICT solutions.